A safe and comprehensive anesthesia practice (Airway Centric Anesthesia) is the primary focus of our surgery practice. Anesthesia is a critical component of any modern surgical practice. While simple procedures can often be performed with local (numbing) anesthesia only, the frequently performed more complex procedures do require some level of anesthesia. This ranges from light sedation (slightly awake) to general anesthesia (asleep).  Every individual patient has unique needs that determine what level of anesthesia is used for their specific procedure.

As a result of extensive training and experience, our surgeons are able to provide their pediatric and adult patients with several safe and comfortable anesthesia options during oral and maxillo-facial surgery procedures.  Our practice’s safety protocols emulate those found in modern operating rooms. Over 1500 anesthesia cases are performed each year in our practice. Experience matters!

Many procedures are completed with the use of only local anesthetics (Numbing medications). Nitrous oxide(laughing gas) can be used to supplement local anesthesia to provide increased comfort to those patients unable to tolerate local anesthesia alone. Many patients opt for sedation or general anesthesia, in lieu of just numbing.

Many types of surgery (e.g. pediatric, impacted wisdom teeth) demand a form of anesthesia such as sedation or  general anesthesia. The ability to provide our patients with safe, effective outpatient, office-based anesthesia has distinguished the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery for decades. Our practice offers comprehensive and advanced choices for anesthesia in a comfortable, safe environment. Patient comfort and safety is our top priority.

Our providers perform hundreds of pediatric general anesthesia cases each year. A specific pediatric anesthesia protocol is employed for our younger patients.  For our pediatric and adolescent patients (many with special needs) our surgeons provide a model for outpatient anesthetic care. We often employ the use of a “Mask only” type of general anesthesia, avoiding the stress of “a needle”.   This typically involves a sweet-smelling gas for the induction of general anesthesia.  In most cases, parents are welcome to be present during the initial administration of the anesthetic. 

The anesthesia options that meet your needs will be discussed in detail during the consultation. Please be sure to ask questions. A discussion regarding our anesthesia experience and services provides our patients comfort and confidence in choosing their best options for care.  We are committed to your comfort and safety.

There is an extensive amount of helpful information at the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons website. Follow the AAOMS link for an excellent review of anesthesia provided by our doctors.