Pediatric Anesthesia Preparation

Day of Procedure and Anesthesia

For our pediatric patients undergoing a procedure with sedation or general anesthesia:

  1. Do not allow your child to have anything to eat or drink after midnight prior to the procedure.  This is critical.  Anesthesia can not be safely administered to any child that has food or liquid in their stomach. If you suspect your child had food or liquid prior to his/her procedure, be sure to inform us. We can generally delay the procedure for later that same day: Billerica Billerica Office Phone Number 978-667-8600, Westford Westford Office Phone Number 978-392-9095, or Worcester Worcester Office Phone Number 978-667-8600.
  2. Medications that must be taken on the morning of the procedure may be taken with sips of water
  3. Your child may brush their teeth
  4. A parent or legal guardian MUST accompany any patient that is younger than 18 years old. Please refrain from bringing siblings to the office on the procedure day. Your child will require much of your attention throughout the process.
  5. Be sure your child drinks plenty of fluids the evening prior to their procedure.
  6. Your child is encouraged to bring any item (stuffed animal, blanket, toy, device etc) that may distract them and lessen their anxiety.
  7. Pediatric patients are more cooperative and less anxious when their parent/guardian appears more relaxed and less anxious.
  8. In many instances, the transition to the procedure rooms will be facilitated with the use of a liquid sedative mixed with Tylenol or ibuprofen.  This is often given in the waiting area or a comfortable treatment room separate from the actual procedure room.  This option will be discussed in detail during the initial evaluation.
  9. Please contact our office if your child is experiencing signs of an upper respiratory infection prior to their scheduled procedure.  Our clinical staff will assist you.  Mild colds or upper respiratory infections do not typically call for rescheduling the procedure.
  10. Please ask questions.