Pediatric Patients

The surgeons and staff at New England Oral Surgery Associates have extensive training and experience with children of all ages. Each surgeon is either board certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons or soon to be.  A primary focus of our practice is the surgical and  anesthesia care of pediatric and adolescent patients.

The ability to provide our patients with safe, effective outpatient, office-based anesthesia has distinguished the specialty of oral and maxillo-facial surgery for decades. Our practice offers comprehensive and advanced choices for anesthesia in a comfortable, safe environment.

Our practice provides  safe and comfortable care to our youngest patients in a modern facility. We understand the anxiety that both our pediatric patients and parents experience. Our surgeons have extensive training and experience with pediatric anesthesia and surgery. Our practice is a leader in pediatric oral and maxillo-facial surgery and anesthesia.  A team focused, specific anesthesia protocol is utilized for our pediatric patients. All of our surgeons are PALS (pediatric advanced life support) trained and certified and are very active with continued education in pediatric anesthesia.  Patient safety and comfort are our top priorities.

Our office routinely provides same day/emergency evaluation and treatment of children.  Referring doctors from great distances contact our office daily for the urgent evaluation and treatment of small children suffering from jaw pain and swelling.

Our team provides treatment to very young children daily. Many of our youngest patients travel a great distance to receive specialized care by our doctors.  Our practice performs hundreds of pediatric procedures under general anesthesia each year.  

For our pediatric and adolescent patients (many with special needs), our surgeons are able to provide modern outpatient anesthesia. Children have needs that are very unique. Many of our youngest patients do require a general anesthetic (“go to sleep”) which allows a procedure (e.g extraction of teeth and management of infection) to be accomplished very quickly and comfortably.   We often use a “Mask only” type of general anesthesia, avoiding the stress of needles. This  involves a sweet-smelling gas for the induction of general anesthesia. Parents are frequently present during the initial administration of the anesthetic.  This technique by which we administer anesthesia for children is similar to that provided in hospital operating rooms. Our practice’s safety protocols emulate those found in modern operating rooms. Our experienced anesthesia team focuses on the comfort and safety of your child.

The anesthesia option that best meets your child’s needs will be discussed in detail during your consultation visit.

Please be sure to ask questions.

We are committed to the comfort and safety of every child.



 A special thank you from a 5 year old child’s mom…..

 Thank you letter from parent of 5-year-old patient